What to Focus On to Show College Education and Career Readiness?

There was once a time where your job as a teacher was to prepare students for college and the real world, but part of that goal is a fairly nebulous endpoint. What does prepared for college really look like? That definition needed a bit more clarity, which is why we have pushed more and more for a combination of things that we have collectively signed into an implicit agreement on.
Firstly, grades are going to be your best indicator of readiness and I am not talking about getting one A and calling it quits. College admissions offices are looking for students that are able to show that they are getting good grades and getting them consistently. Even an upward trajectory shows schools that you are committed and ready to take on the next steps.
Second, in the things you will need for your college application is the test scores. That can come from either the SAT or ACT, but you are going to have to complete at least one of the two for the schools to compare you to the rest of the country and not just your school. Many families seek the help of tutoring services when it comes to this kind of college prep because you take it in a single day, but it gets weighted as if it is a third of your important skills. That is why you have to make sure that you are ready to go when the one day comes.
Getting a college education is about more than just learning in classes, which is why the third and final aspect that proves readiness is extracurricular activities, especially including leadership opportunities and volunteer work. Showing that you are naturally someone that people can gravitate to and rally around is something that will make colleges clamor to get you to come to their school and not go to another.

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