Private vs. Public High School and College Admissions Success

There is a long time argument going on between graduates of private and public school institutions. Each has its own list of pros and cons, which makes them unique to the other. We do not know if there is a right or wrong answer, but in this article, we just want to open your eyes to all of the possibilities that come associated with each of these different types of schools. Depending on what you are looking to gain out of education, either of these options may work for you. 

For example, I only went to a total of three schools during my time as a student. The first, from kindergarten to fifth grade, was a public school. The second, from sixth grade until twelfth grade, was a private school. The third, my college years, was at a public institution.

There are benefits to being in both of these styles of schools and here I am going to talk about them in depth. Let’s start off with the public school system which is free and offered to all types of children. These schools can be highly beneficial depending on the location of the school. Some districts have better public schools than others due to all sorts of reasons. So, if your child is serious about going to college then it is important to get he enrolled in a school that is fully accredited and has strong relationships with colleges.

One of the main benefits of going to a private school is that they often have these relationships as the majority of their students go to college. At the high school, I went to, we had such strong relationships with some colleges that all we had to do in order to get accepted was to get a certain score on the ACT. Because of my school name and the work that students who had graduated from my high school had done at said college, we were automatically admitted. These are the types of perks that you get when you enroll your child into a private school. But do not think that these are just impossible to receive at a public school.

Based on the acumen of the school, this is certainly a possibility but you need to make sure your school district has these types of benefits. In my hometown, students are bussed to better schools in hopes of getting admitted to colleges and having a better life. This is something that happens all over the country and might be something that you should look into for your child. Also, a great way to get into college is through the use of sports. Certain high schools have better sports programs than others.

Currently, private schools have been showing that they dominate this category. There are private sports schools around the country that give high school students the opportunity to play for their team in a style that is reminiscent of college. These way students play the best competition, take the right classes and are exposed to what life is like for a high school athlete. But the same opportunities can be available at certain public schools. It is simply up to you to do the research and find the absolute best fit for your child.

There are certain schools that work directly with other college sports programs and act as a pipeline for talented athletes; you can find these schools through word of mouth or simply on the internet. Look at the commits in your town and see what high schools they went to, the school with the most commits is probably the best bet. What it really comes down to is how hard your child is willing to work. There have been students who go to schools that have absolutely nothing, but the student works hard and gets accepted into top tier universities. There have also been students who have gone to schools that have everything but they walk away with nothing because they did not work hard while enrolled.

You can make the best out of a bad situation by making sure your child stays on track. The harder they work, the better of they are going to be in the long run. So just make sure they stay humble and grind it out, that is the true key to college admissions success. But also do some research and find the ideal fit for their learning style and dreams for the future. It can really help them get into college and set them up for their best possible life.

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