Students More Likely To Be Wait-Listed This Spring

With the uncertain economy driving increasing numbers of applicants toward colleges that offer either prestige or value, families should be prepared for the possibility of being placed on a wait list. Many universities have been purposefully admitting less applicants this Spring in an effort to exercise greater control over their incoming class size. For example, let's say in past years, College A would issue 10,000 acceptance letters knowing that 50% would historically accept and enroll. This year, there's a strong paranoia amongst admissions officials that bargain-seeking students will result in higher enrollment rates which is good only if the university has the capacity to accommodate them. If College A only has enough dorm rooms for 5,000 students but 7,000 students decide to enroll, it's a logistical/planning nightmare.

Naturally, many universities are lowering their acceptance rates this Spring and conversely increasing their waiting lists. A larger wait list doesn't necessarily mean your chances of acceptance have decreased. It does however mean the wait to find will undoubtedly be longer.

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