College Admissions Process: Time to Rethink?

The downturn economy and shifting demographics have made this year's college admissions process more than a dramatic game. Cliff Mason of CNBC asks, "Is it time to rethink college admissions?" In today's climate, does it make sense to spend $200,000 on a private college education when no one will hire you when you graduate? (Aside: I've never seen so many MBAs out of work.) What's more disturbing: there is a growing number of businesses setting up students with community service projects solely to help students "promote" themselves on college applications.

Judy Prothro, a counselor at Los Altos High School, says that students have fewer safety schools, and she sees the stress students feel translating into an increased number of applications. The Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District, and other schoosl across the Peninsula, offers Naviance as a tool for the college research and admissions process. The Naviance program provides a link between school and home with a customized, secure Web site that supports college planning and advising.

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