Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spotlight on Blue Star Admissions Counseling

Tutorpedia partners with several rockstar counselors to give our students additional support with navigating the college admissions process. This month's feature is Blue Star Admissions Consulting's Amy Morgenstern, Ph.D, also known as "Dr. M."

We like Dr. M because she has great organizational skills to keep students on schedule, she is a phenomenal writing coach, she is an expert at helping students with school-selection, and she has a superior track record with impressive results for her students and glowing recommendations from families.

During this past year, Dr. M donated her services to one of Tutorpedia Foundation's scholars, Bianca. With Dr. M's help, Bianca successfully navigated the college application process and recently enrolled at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY
Congratulations Bianca!

We asked Dr. M to tell us more about her experience working with Bianca. Here's what she had to share:
"Assisting some of the Bay Area’s most competitive students with admission to top universities most certainly provides an educational consultant with a great sense of accomplishment. Helping an under-resourced, urban high schooler get into college when he or she would not otherwise have the chance: that brings great inner joy. Just last week, Bianca, to whom I donated my services, enrolled at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, NY, just north of NYC, to pursue her dream to be a social worker so that, in her own words, she can “help people and make them happy.” And she means it.
An avid community volunteer (she even got herself to a remote village in Costa Rica  last summer and built a concrete floor for the church kitchen) who both laments and loves her far-less-than-ideal neighborhood, Bianca brought a unique, honest voice and strength of character to the process that translated brilliantly into an admissions profile so much more capacious than her academic profile could convey on its own.
Exciting! Yet as fulfilling as it was, the work was also hard. Each of us clear-eyed, we combed every potential target school for an undergraduate social work program, narrowed the list down to 10 schools, and over a period of five months met weekly to tackle the bureaucracy and essay writing for each.
During our sessions, I became acquainted with the struggles of Bianca’s daily reality––exposure to violence, gang activity, sexism, poverty, city and landlord neglect––while she learned a thing or two about good writing and reflective thinking, gaining steady support along the way.
Now that we have completed the process and gotten Bianca through this first hurdle, we are thrilled and a little nervous. New challenges loom: acclimating herself to an unfamiliar region of the country, getting used to a more competitive academic climate, missing her family and neighborhood, and negotiating the cultural difference she will invariably encounter in Dobbs Ferry. Challenges notwithstanding, Bianca’s world has opened up; the way is hers to take, or pave, and for that, let us feel joy."
The entire Tutorpedia team is proud of Bianca's incredible resolve and remarkable accomplishments during this journey. We wish her the best of luck at Mercy College and beyond.

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