Monday, July 2, 2012

New Video: For the Love of Education

Many of you were kind enough to attend or support the Tutorpedia Foundation February fundraiser: For the Love of Education.  For those of you who couldn't make it -- or those of you who want to re-live the conversation -- we're excited to share a few highlights from our panel discussion.  Check out the video here to listen to renowned education experts Alan Lowenthal, Linda Darling-Hammond, Ninive Calegari, and Kyle Beckham share their views on why it is essential that we find a way to personalize education for every student. Check out the video below:

Thanks again for your continued support of our work at the Tutorpedia Foundation.  Your generosity and spirit help us further our mission of building a class of one for every student and expanding educational equity among our community of learners.  If you are interested in being further engaged with our work, please email us at  We love to hear from you!

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