Wednesday, November 23, 2011

10 Bay Area Students Need Your Help Before December 31st

"No doubt [a tutor] will provide an encouraging spirit to those who have lost hope on these subjects. I hope they not only help me but teach me to muster all efforts to accomplish academic goals." - Rachel, 11th grade scholarship applicant
"I am an unemployed parent. I have three other children and live off $1,000 monthly. I believe that all children deserve to have an opportunity to better their life, especially my daughter. Danielle is a great worker and takes pride in what she does." - Mother of scholarship applicant
By now, you’ve probably seen our video featuring Ashanti and her tutor Sarah. Ashanti is one of more than one hundred students who have received free tutoring through the Tutorpedia Foundation. We've been fortunate to have so many committed donors and supporters, and we're incredibly grateful.

This year, we received twice as many scholarship applications as last year. While several students have been matched with tutors and are making great progress, we need additional funding to provide scholarships for the remaining 10 students whose tutoring we have not yet been able to fund. Starting today, we need your help to make sure that these ten very deserving students like Rachel have the chance to work with their own tutor for the rest of this school year. By donating now, you’ll help us fund life-changing scholarships for these students, and as an extra bonus you’ll help secure us a permanent place on, where thousands of passionate donors like you can learn more about the Tutorpedia Foundation.

The GlobalGiving Open Challenge starts now, and they’ve set the goal for us of raising $4,000 from 50 individuals before the end of the year. We’re taking it a step further, and asking you to help us raise the full $10,000 we need to fund tutoring for our remaining scholarship students.
There are a number of ways to help us make this happen:
  • Make a donation of any amount today on GlobalGiving
  • Forward this email to family, friends, colleagues and others who care about providing educational opportunities to underserved students
  • Share our project on Facebook, Twitter or another social media site with this link:
Thank you for all of your support, we couldn’t do it without you.

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