Thursday, September 1, 2011

A+ for Fresno County School Superintendent

We at Tutorpedia believe in relationships as the core of academic success, in part because when students have a personal relationship with their teachers and tutors, they are more personally invested in learning and participating in their school community. In addition, we believe that educators can be important role models for their students. Young people may not always seem to be paying attention, but they really are sponges and often learn more from watching the example set by adults in their lives than they do by listening to their words.

That’s why today we applaud Fresno County Superintendent Larry Powell, who at 63 years old has given up $800,000 of his own salary over the next 3 years to free up that money for the school district. Here’s someone who is really invested in his community and looking for ways to support the learning of all the students in his district. What a great example to set for young people!


(photo courtesy of chicago sun times)

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