Wednesday, July 20, 2011

What Have you Ever Wanted to Learn?

Hey students, Tutorpedia's Viral Video Contest has extended its deadline to August 1, 2011-- this means you still have until the end of the month to submit a short video that could win you a free iPod Touch! Cool, no?

It's fun and easy! Here's how to enter: create a 30-60 sec. video answering the question, "What have you ever wanted to learn?" and submit said video to YouTube with "Tutorpedia" and "" in the description. Also remember to e-mail the video to our Director, Seth Linden, at with VIRAL VIDEO in the subject line.

The winner of this creative contest will receive a - that's right! - free iPod Touch. The second-place winner will receive two hours of 1-1 tutoring from Tutorpedia, to be used in any area of focus. We will pick the winner by recording the number of YouTube views each submitted video receives.

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